1 Year of the Creative Content Lab: What’s Been Happening?

Nov 03, 2021

Do you have a passion for social media and want to break into the biz... but you have NO idea where to start?

Or maybe you‘ve worked in the industry as an employee for some time...but now you’re wanting to pave your OWN way?

Well, I might have JUST the thing for you!

Today I’m super excited to be talking about the one-year anniversary of Creative Content Lab.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, let me fill you in.👇🏻

The Creative Content Lab is a membership where I teach people how to grow and scale their social media business through creative content. 

I literally give ALL you all of my business secrets on how I grew my social media agency.

🧡Tools and workflows I use to run my social media agency smoothly
🧡How I develop winning content strategies for my clients
🧡Hacks on creating share-worthy content you can use daily

All of the above… AND MORE. 

But this blog isn’t a big pitch and promo for Creative Content Lab (although I would love for you to join. 😉)

Instead, I want to talk to you guys about what this year has looked like for my membership and share a few of my TOP lessons learned when launching my very first digital product. 

Let’s get started. 👇🏻

Lesson #1: It Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect In The Beginning

When I first launched Creative Content Lab over Black Friday weekend last year it was my first step into the world of digital products. 

The reason I chose the membership model (and why I wholeheartedly recommend it to business owners looking to get started with digital products!) is because I didn’t need a whole lot planned out in advance to get started. I didn't have to have a fully built out product, or everything perfectly ready and complete when I launched. 

A course can take six months to a year to create. But with a membership you’re able to build the portal, set up a few initial resources and then create the content AS people join the membership. 

I was able to tailor the experience to my members, rather than just building out an entire course that I’m not even sure people would get value out of! 

With the membership model, I was able to give full lifetime access during the promotion week. Now, anybody that joins is passive income for me every single month because it’s a recurring subscription charge as long as you stay a member. 

While I could seriously preach about memberships as a revenue stream to business owners ALL day long, the really cool thing that I LOVE is that I’m able to give very specific modules, teachings, and downloads to my students.

I was able to customize it TO them. 💪🏼

If they needed help with hashtags, for example, I was able to specifically create things that met their needs.

Along the way, not only did I include pre-recorded modules, but I also hosted monthly Q&As. I started bringing in guest experts on things that I'm just not an expert in (such as hiring and accounting!) along with other things that are relevant to us social media business owners.

When folks join the Creative Content Lab, they’re not JUST learning how to grow and scale their social media business through creative content. They’re also learning business development strategies from other pros in other important areas! 

This leads me to my next point. 👇🏻

Lesson #2: You Can Focus on What YOU Do Best

The Creative Content Lab is SO niche and SO specialized in providing content and value to a very specific person.

What I‘ve learned over this year, and hopefully this is something you can take away as well, is that:

You DON’T need to be the expert in everything. 

It’s possible to have a successful product without knowing everything. 

I've literally drilled down into one aspect of my business.

I've drilled down so much that I’m able to teach things that I love and I know that my students need. 

Because I’ve developed SO much confidence in teaching in this one specific area, it’s helped me overcome imposter syndrome.

While I have been in the social media game for a while, imposter syndrome will always continue to come up.

But, I’ve been able to get past it a whole lot easier since the launch of the Creative Content Lab. This is partly because I’ve been able to SEE how I’ve transformed other people's social media businesses, simply by teaching the things that I know and love.

And you can do the same too. 💪🏼

The bottom line is this..

You don't have to know everything to provide impact and value to others!

Lesson #3: There is POWER in Community 

If you can take ANYTHING away from creating your first digital product, it should be this:

While yes, the modules and the teachings are important, what's more important is that aspect of community. 👯‍♀️

There is so much power in like-minded people coming together.

I absolutely LOVE the conversations that go on in my Creative Content Lab Facebook group! 

Over the next year as I relaunch Creative Content Lab, I'm planning to really ramp up the community aspect. Introducing things like: 

  • Virtual coworking
  • Holding each other accountable
  • Making threads in the Facebook group 
  • Helping my community members feel seen and heard
  • Getting your questions answered

Because that's the most important aspect of this!

Community. 🧡

Lesson #4: You Can Build and Improve As You Grow

While this journey of mine can inspire you to create your own digital products, I want to leave you with this. 

I didn't have everything perfectly in place before launching my digital product. 

At the time, I didn't even have a team in place to help me! 

I built Creative Content Lab mostly on my own with the help of my Operations Manager. It was just the two of us!

Sure, it wasn't perfect. But now we’re going through the process of refining it and providing more value every single day.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and start to put out products and content that people will love. 


If this has inspired you to break into the world of running a social media agency, go and check out Content Creative Lab to find out more.

Check out The Creative Content Lab here.

I hope to see you guys inside the lab soon!




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