Overwhelmed by Content Creation? Try These 5 Genius Content Creation Tips

Apr 13, 2022

I totally get that content creation can seem like an absolute beast.

😈 😈 😈

That no matter how many weeks of content you push out, you get nervous every time you have to get back in the game and create some more.

But as much as people gripe about content creation  - I’m thankful for it! 

🧑 I mean without it - I wouldn’t have the career that I love! 🧑

And because of that, I’ve been around the content creation block a few hundred times so I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade.

I want to give you five of my favorite content creation tips to help you master your content workflow. πŸ‘‡πŸ» πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Start Repurposing Content

I am a HUGE fan of content repurposing. 🀩

Without a doubt, getting a handle on content repurposing has changed my life.

Content repurposing allows you to make your brilliant content work harder for you. πŸ’ͺ

All you need to do is take one piece of high-quality content and start repackaging it into different formats. ♻️ ♻️ ♻️

This mega-valuable content you break down into new forms is often referred to as pillar content. 

In my business, my team repurposes my Youtube videos into blog posts, social captions, newsletters, Reels, TikToks, and more.

The possibilities are truly endless! ⚑

You get dozens of new pieces of content without having to rack your brain for new ideas.

Creating pillar content that gets repurposed and distributed is my repurposing strategy of choice. But it doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as that!

Repurposing can be as simple as posting a screenshot of a tweet on Instagram.

Or taking an old carousel post and turning it into a Reel.

πŸ™…πŸ»‍♀️ Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, my friend! πŸ™…πŸ»‍♀️

Circle back and take a look at what content performed well over the past year. Can it be converted into a Reel? A blog post? A topic for an Instagram live?

Give yourself a break from churning out new ideas week after week after week and soon enough, content creation will start feeling less daunting. βœ… βœ…

You put so much time and effort into making this meaningful content in the first place.

And it paid off - your audience loved it! 🧑

Why not take the impact further through content repurposing?

Own Your Content

This question comes up a surprising amount in my DMs:

πŸ‘‰πŸ»   “Hey Amber, in your opinion, do you think I should be creating my content natively inside TikTok?”


πŸ‘‰πŸ»   “Hey there! Should I be creating content inside of IG Reels? I hate that pesky TikTok watermark!”

The simple answer to both those questions is no

And it’s not because I hate seeing TikTok watermarks on Instagram Reels.

Or because the video quality is often worse when you record within an app.

Or even because your sound options are more limited!

It actually all comes down to the fact that I want you to have ownership over your content.

(Although all those other reasons speak for themselves 😜😜)

What I’ve learned from making this short-form video content is that it is a lot harder than it looks.

It takes a whole lot of time and effort and planning!

So to record on the app means that this high-value piece of content that you put your heart and soul into does not belong to you.

It belongs to TikTok.

Or it belongs to Instagram.

You have no original copy that belongs to you, and you alone.

What I want you to start doing is recording your short-form video content natively on your phone. πŸ“±βœ…

Create, edit, store it natively and upload it to the app.

And then, and ONLY THEN, is the time to add the features of the app. Whether that’s text, captions, stickers, filters…you do you, boo!

This strategy makes it that much easier to repurpose your content with ease.

Your content is high-quality, owned by you, and completely malleable to be tailored to each platform you want to push it out on.

Your TikTok audience will see videos that appear to be made for TikTok.

Your IG audience will see videos that look perfect for Instagram.

And so on and so forth.

I know that it may feel like it’s adding an extra step. But trust me…it will make your content pop off across so many platforms. ⚑ ⚑ ⚑

Create Trusty Templates

This is something I could go on about for DAYS.

But when it comes to streamlining your content creation process, you need to get into making templates.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - if you’re not already using Canva to create your Instagram graphics what are you doing, bestie???? πŸ€”πŸ€”

If you wanna hear more about why Canva is king - check out this Youtube video on my fave Canva hacks to be convinced.

But regardless of what software you’re using, it’s time to start making templates you can come back to again and again. Creating templates in your brand aesthetic will massively help to uplevel and streamline your content creation process.

For example:

If you make a graphic that has a quote on it.

It’s all nicely branded and ready to go.

πŸ›‘ Stop πŸ›‘


That way next time you want to do a quote post you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a quote graphic from scratch.

Now, that doesn't mean you can reuse the same graphic each and every time. But it is most definitely a great place to start!

You can switch up a few colors, graphics, font size - but most of the hard work formatting everything will be done for you.

You’ve cut out a majorly tedious part of the content creation process.

And this works for any type of graphic post.

⚑ It’s amazing! ⚑

⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ If you’re already a template queen, pay attention to what’s working!

If you have a template that doesn’t perform so hot - keep adjusting it until you start seeing results.

Maybe you need to change the color scheme a bit.

Make the font bigger.

Whatever it is, just stay in touch with what your audience is loving in the now.

Try the “Day in The Life” Challenge

I’m gonna recommend this strategy for anyone who feels like they have been stuck in a content-creating rut.

So if that’s you - keep reading.πŸ‘‡πŸ»

And if that’s not you …lucky you…but the strategy is low-key so fun so keep reading anyway πŸ˜‰

I challenge you to set a timer for every 60 minutes of your workday. ⏲️

And every time that it goes off record a 3-5 second clip of what you are doing in that moment.

Maybe you’re making your coffee, editing a video, or taking your dog for a walk.

Whatever it is - take a quick clip of it and do one of the following two things with it.

Or if you’re a keener, you can even do both! 😏

# 1: Post it to your IG story

First thing you can use those clips for? Upping your IG story visibility.

A lot of the time, we get used to spamming our stories all at once during our workday.

Maybe that’s because we have something planned that we wanna talk about.

Or because we are doing a Q&A.

⏰ But showing up every hour is great for visibility. ⏰


Because even after someone has checked your story once that day - you will continue to pop up multiple times throughout the rest of the day.

Making yourself more present in their mind and upping your story views. πŸ“ˆ πŸ“ˆ πŸ“ˆ

#2 Create a mini-vlog

Trust me when I say…mini-vlogs are ALL the rage. πŸŽ₯ πŸŽ‰

So even if you don’t feel like your 3-5 minute clips are all that interesting - just give it a try.

People L🧑VE to see the behind-the-scenes of your day. 

Remember to do this when you have really exciting days in your business - but also on days when you’re just working from your couch all day.

Both of these are realistic and both of them are the makings of an excellent mini vlog.

Your clips from a really busy and exciting day full of photoshoots, podcast recordings, and speaking engagements will make for great aspirational content.

And your days of sitting on the couch grinding out client work, slumming it in your PJs, and checking things off your to-do list will be extremely relatable.

Don’t feel like you have to curate what you show in these mini-vlogs.

Just show your life au-naturel and let people follow along! βœ…

Organize Your Assets

Ok so this isn’t *exactly* a content creation tip, but this tip will certainly make content creation a lot easier.

But please - I am begging you - ORGANIZE YOUR CONTENT ASSETS 🚨

I used to be the person with seventeen thousand photos on my phone.

Constantly getting the message:  “Phone Storage Full. Please Purchase More Storage”

And at a certain point, I just couldn’t deal anymore. 😩

I had to sit down and organize my assets…and you should do the same!

Set some time aside out of your day to clean up your asset library on your phone. 

Take inventory of what needs to stay and what you can purge.

For example, some files on my phone didn’t need to be permanently deleted, but they didn’t need to be taking up precious phone storage space, either.

Instead, I moved them into to a more permanent storage place like Google Drive or Airtable.

And then with the remaining files on my phone, I sorted it into a few different categoriesπŸ‘‡πŸ»

A Creative Co. ⚑

The folder where I keep all my logos, brand mood board, anything that I would need to have easy access to for my business. Having it directly on my phone makes it super convenient for posting to Instagram stories!

Photos of Me 🀳

Whether it’s professional headshots, brand photos, or selfies I keep pictures of myself in one place that I can easily access when I am asked for them or want to post them for my business.

B Roll πŸŽ₯

I keep a folder of all the random video footage I take throughout my day. That way I can draw on it if I need extra video clips for TikToks or Reels, or want to use it as a background for IG stories.

Not Posted πŸ“·

If there is a great photo or video that I have been saving for the right moment I add it to my “Not Posted” folder. When the time is right I don’t want to be scrambling to find the content. I want to go straight to my folder and find it with ease.

You might be thinking:

“Amber I am WAY too used to my chaotic camera roll for this tip to actually work.”

And here’s what I say to that.

Take 5 minutes at the end of your day as you're signing off for the night to organize the assets that have built up in your phone that day.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Sometimes it will be nothing.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Sometimes it will be a few screenshots of things you thought you wanted to remember, but already don’t care about.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» And sometimes it’s gonna be amazing photo and video content that needs to be filed away carefully so you can make good use of it soon.

When I tell you that doing this has changed my life, I am NOT lying!

My assets library has never been tidier and my content creation workflow has never been so simple.

And all I want is for you to have that level of simplicity and ease with your content too. 🧑

As you might be able to tell - content creation is my JAM.

I have dedicated my career to figuring out how to simplify and streamline the creation process. And I LIVE to share what I’ve learned with anyone who will listen!

Are you ready to make content creation EASY?

If so, be sure to get on the waitlist for my Content Workshop this May where I’m walking you through my entire content workflow, start to finish. βœ…

I will be leaving no stone left unturned.

Whether you’re a small business owner or social media manager, you’ll get your burning social media questions answered and leave with a more efficient way of doing content! ⚑ ⚑ ⚑

If that sounds like a dream come true then sign up for the waitlist so you can be the first to know when registration opens up.

See you there! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Xx Amber



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