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5 Steps To Batch Your Content Like a PRO

Jun 28, 2021

Pssst! Important Note ⚠️  Before we get to the nitty gritty of how to batch your content, go take a peek at last week's blog about content pillars.

These will be SUPER important for what I’m about to show you today: my 5-step process to batch your content like a total pro!

Okay, let’s go. ⭐️

Do you feel super overwhelmed by alllll of the content you have to make?

Blog content, social media content, email content, content, content, content - whew! 😓

It can feel like you’re on a never-ending content creation hamster wheel. 

Oftentimes you’re left asking yourself “How am I ACTUALLY going to get all this content done?!”

I’ll show you 💪🏼

You can sit down with a couple different outfits (who am I kidding? Just change your shirt!), your phone or computer, and get it right off your plate in one fell swoop.

For real!

Let’s get into my 5-step content batching formula that saves me SO much time each and every single month. 

Map Out Your Pillars For Each Day

Remember those content pillars we decided on last week? Those will be where we will start. 

One pillar is for each day of the week, Monday to Friday. This is a key step, so that we can have a theme for each day of the week that will be repeatable all month.

For a little inspo, my content pillars and weekly schedule go a little something like this: 

  • Mondays: Content Creation Tips
  • Tuesdays: Business Tips
  • Wednesdays: Promo Posts
  • Thursdays: Social Media Tips
  • Fridays: Personal & Fun Content

With this strategy, you only need to think of 4-5 ideas for each pillar and you have nearly a whole month of content ready to go!

Round Up Your Ideas

Now is the fun part - brainstorming! You’ll want to write four to five different content ideas that align with each pillar. This will fill up your days of the week, providing 25 - 30 different topics for the entire month. 

As you go through this process, you're going to write down your content pillar, then you're going to write down your content ideas for each. 

In the beginning it may be hard. You may think “How in the HELL am I going to come up with THIS MANY topics?” 

Just keep writing. ✍🏼

Pretty soon you’ll get into a flow, and all of the sudden ideas will start pouring out of you. THIS is the power of batching. 

The batching process trains your mind to only focus on one task at a time, and to only move on to the next step once your first task is complete.

It’s the ULTIMATE productivity tool 💥

Pick Your Content Format

Now you have 4 - 5 ideas for each pillar, corresponding to each day of the week. You should have 25-30 different ideas for the month.

With all of those ideas, now you can decide the content format for each of them. What platform will they go on? Are they great for an Instagram story, a reel, a Tik Tok, an email newsletter..etc?

If it seems like too much to create an entire month in advance, don’t worry! Do a week at a time. That way, you only need to come up with five different content ideas in five different formats.

Start there, and work your way up to batching the entire month!

Design Your Action Plan

Now you can get down to business! 💪🏼 

Look at each of the platforms and content mediums you’ve picked, and start planning exactly how you’ll tackle each content type. 

For example, say you have 4 reels to create this month. Then, you can sit down and record ALL of that video content at once.

Next, you have 10 Instagram posts to make. So you can now plan the outfits, places, or items you will need for the photos for these posts.

Now you have 3 newsletters to write. Now, you can get a chunk of time set aside to really focus, sit down, and write that content in one batch.

🔥Hot Tip🔥
One of my FAVORITE batching strategies is to hire a professional brand photographer. In just a few hours, you can get dozens of high-quality shots to use in your content. This way, you can have beautiful, branded photos to use for months on end!

Go Do It!!

Now’s the time for action. 💥

Once we’ve got our game plan downpat, map out all of your content into a gorgeous content calendar or database. My FAVE tool for content planning is Airtable (friends, it’s like Google Sheets on steroids!!). 

But if you’d rather skip that step and go straight to plugging in your content into a scheduler, by all means, go ahead! Personally, I couldn’t live without Later, but if you want my full list of recs check out my post on the top 3 content schedulers.

Whatever you do, just make sure you have a place to keep all of your visual assets and keep track of your hard work!

Now that you’ve mapped everything out, you can begin to find the holes you need to fill. Maybe you’ve got an Instagram caption written, but you still need to create a graphic or find a stock photo. Maybe you’ve filmed your Reel, but you still need to find a trending sound. Take some time to look over everything and fill in the gaps.

You do not need to do this all in one day, you just need a game plan! For example - you could set aside one day for video content, the next day to create thumbnails for Youtube, next up is caption writing.

Here is a quick timeline that I use:

Create all videos/ images
Create all graphics
Write Captions
Schedule your posts

It is about teaching your brain to think in blocks of time, and then making sure you buckle down and focus!

The good news is - this gets WAY easier over time.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Feel that? That’s the relief from not having to sit there and think about your content every single day.

Maybe you are like me with a teeny bit of Type A Virgo energy and you get that full month done in advance.

Or maybe one week at a time will work for you.

All I know is that having it done ahead of time is going to save you so much time, make you feel much more in control, and help you feel WAY better when you go to post every day.

Need a visual on all this?!

Check out my free downloadable Content Batching Guide here. It is an easier printable format so that you can write it all out as you go.

Need to hear this right from my friendly face?

I go through this entire process (with visuals!) over on my NEW YouTube channel.🎥

Happy batching, friend! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻




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