The Top 5 Biggest Instagram Myths (BUSTED!)

Jul 14, 2021

Can I be real for a sec?

The “rules” about Instagram are all over the place.

It can be SO confusing. πŸ€ͺ

You’re constantly thinking to yourself - “ Am I doing this right?!”

I get DMs ALL the time about the same things.

There is confusion all over the place.

SO, as your social media content strategist and Instagram educator, I am here to set the record straight. πŸ€“

Here are the 5 most common Instagram Myths (busted!)

Myth #1: Shadow Banning

This is the one that I hear about the most, hands down.

There is so much information swirling about regarding shadow banning, and, friends - nearly ALL of it is untrue.

I constantly hear that you will get shadowbanned if:

πŸ‘‰You use too many hashtags
πŸ‘‰You use the same hashtags over and over again
πŸ‘‰If you don’t comment in a certain amount of time
πŸ‘‰If you post about a certain subject
πŸ‘‰ Plus TONS more

It’s simply just not true.

They don’t randomly shadow ban just anybody.

Yes - they may actually take some of your content down if it violates a guideline.

But Instagram is NOT out here to hurt you.

They WANT you to use all of the features available to you. That includes hashtags, posting frequently, etc. They won’t penalize you for doing so.

Here is a quick solution if you find yourself panicking at the thought of being shadowbanned.

I want you to think about the content that you're putting out, and the frequency at which posting.

Have you ghosted your profile recently? How long has it been since you last posted?

If you haven’t posted in weeks, then you do and it doesn’t perform very well...

Your audience hasn’t seen you in a hot minute.

They’re not used to seeing that content from you, therefore it won’t perform as high as usual.

When content doesn’t perform, the algorithm isn’t really going to push it out.

So next time you think you have been shadowbanned, take a quick inventory of your recent profile activity and see where there may be some holes.

What you might think is “shadow-banning” might really just be due to a lack of consistency on the ‘gram 🀷

Myth #2: Using Third-Party Tools

The myth here is that using third-party tools (mainly schedulers) will decrease your reach and engagement.

This one is simply not true πŸ™…‍♀️

Think about it.

If the scheduler you are using is approved by Instagram, WHY would they limit your content for using it?

Instagram WANTS you to share your content, and they want to show up for your audience.

Without your content, there is no Instagram.

Let me play devil’s advocate here for a second.

I would MUCH rather have my high-value content going out to my audience consistently and frequently by using a scheduler than post manually for maybe a few more likes.

I can certainly post in the moment, and I do use Instagram stories, but my planned out, high-value content goes out so much smoother and in a strategic way by using a scheduler.

Whatever myth you’ve heard in the past, toss it out, because a scheduler just isn’t going to hurt you. ❌

Myth #3: Instagram Just Hates My Content

This one is actually my favorite.

I have SERIOUSLY heard people say “Instagram just hates my content.”

Or, “They don’t want to show my content, they do this on purpose.”

These phrases normally come from a decrease in engagement.

In order to debunk this myth, I want you to think back to about 5 or 6 years ago.

There weren’t NEARLY as many people on Instagram as there are today.

There weren’t nearly as many avenues for content - reels, IGTV, Stories, Guides, etc...

There is an overwhelming amount of content.

It isn’t personal, friends🀷🏻‍♀️

There are just SO many more eyeballs on the content Instagram is putting out. Which means there is waaaay more competition.

Yes - we have seen a downward trend in overall engagement and reach across the board.

That is just the nature of the’s what happens when you go from 500 million users to over 1 billion.

The bottom line?

Instagram isn’t punishing you and not showing your content. It’s just that there are SO many more users on the platform.

Myth #4: Switching from a Personal to a Business Account

Have you ever heard that your engagement and reach will tank if you switch from a personal account to a business or creator account?

This has been debunked from Instagram themselves.

I don’t know where this myth came from... but I do have a hypothesis.

When you switch from a personal to a business account, you stop posting personal content.

I assume you are now promoting your services or products, because why else would you have a business account? πŸ€”

Your content strategy will have certainly changed.

People are less likely to engage with promotional content. We often have to come up with creative ways to put ourselves and our products and services out there.

Traditionally speaking, people don’t heavily engage with promotional content.

It’s not the fact that you switched your profile, and because of that Instagram is now trying to hurt you. It’s the fact that you switched your content strategy.

Another thing to note is that when you switch to a business account, you get many other benefits on the back end.

If you stick with your business account, I promise you πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

You will eventually see your engagement and reach go straight back up, and have the opportunity to tweak and perfect your Instagram strategy. 

This is because you have access to ANALYTICS πŸ“ˆ

You have the key to knowing what content your audience really wants to see and you can tailor it specifically to them.

Maybe you might see that quick little decrease when you switch accounts. But it’s NOT Instagram’s fault.

In the long run, again, it is eventually going to help you because of the analytics access for Business and Creator accounts.

Myth #5: You Can’t Edit Captions

This one is crazy to me!

You may have heard that Instagram penalizes you for editing your captions after you have posted them.

Why would this even be a thing?

Why would they penalize you for using a feature that they provided?

Personally, I don't even worry about editing my caption.

If I made a typo… I am ✨ human.✨ 

I probably won’t even go back in and fix it.

If I made a mistake in something like a promo code, or if I close a giveaway - I will absolutely go back in and edit it.

If you want to go back and fix your typo, go back and fix your typo!

Why would Instagram ding you for utilizing a feature it provided you?

This one just makes zero sense.

There you have it - my top five Instagram myths that I love to debunk!

Did any of these come as a shock to you? Let me know over on my YouTube channel.

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