The Top 3 Reasons I Love HoneyBook As an Online Business Owner

Aug 25, 2021

If you’re an online service provider, have you audited your workflows lately? How are they looking? 👀

Do you have a sea of things floating haphazardly through your Google Drive - contracts here, client onboarding checklists there?

As an entrepreneur, there are SO many programs, software, and productivity tools available to us.

We think that by using alllll the tools available to us, they’ll help us run our businesses smoother and smarter.

But do they actually?

Are you using 3 different apps, connected by ANOTHER app, to onboard your clients and start working with them?

If so, take a breath.

Trust me...there is an easier way!

What is a CRM?

The answer to your tech woes is a CRM.

CRM stands for Customer  Relationship Management.

Simply put, a CRM is a way for you to organize and manage where your clients are at in your sales pipeline, booking process, or lead system.

In most CRM platforms, you have a simple and upfront dashboard-type space that shows all of the places a customer can be while working with you - all the way from inquiry to a completed project.

There are so many CRM platforms, and all of them have their pros and cons. From Dubsado to 17hats, all the way to super robust programs like Salesforce - there are many to choose from.

Hands down, my all-time favorite is HoneyBook. It’s a simple yet complete software that checks all of my boxes. ✅

Here are the top 3 reasons why I LOVE HoneyBook. 👇

1. Customization

There are so many ways to customize nearly EVERYTHING within HoneyBook. Templates, branding, you name it.

For example, in the client booking process, when someone sends an inquiry, you can send out a customized email after setting it up initially. This means instead of typing out an email, after email, after email… you can just customize the name within the template and click send.

HoneyBook does this across the board, with customizable invoices, contracts, and email templates.

Just set it and forget it. HoneyBook will auto-populate the personalized items for you and voila! Ready to be sent.

My favorite customizations are DEFINITELY the email templates - who wants to write out the same email 8 million times? 😩

Two clicks and the email is sent out with the proper customer information and details.

These quick templates are also a godsend when you have a VA or a business manager - you just need to show them where they are and they can send everything on your behalf.

Proposal templates are another fantastic customization within Honeybook. They make both the client experience and the technical side run incredibly smooth.

Whether it comes to payment or contract signing, there is NO back and forth between you and your’s all there for them to do immediately. I mean, what’s not to love about invoices being auto-sent as soon as a proposal has been accepted? 

Automated payment workflows = more money in your pocket, faster. 💰

HoneyBook makes easy work of delivering branded assets to your potential clients.

2. An All-In-One Program

Part of the beauty of Honeybook is that I’ve been able to cut costs in my social media business. I’m no longer having to pay for dozens of subscriptions because it’s an all-in-one program!

Plus, it makes things SO easy and convenient having HoneyBook as my main business hub - no more going to a million other websites and apps just to do the things you need. ❌

I no longer need a scheduling tool like Calendly to make sure that people are booking a time on my calendar to talk with me. Potential clients and collaborators now have an integrated booking form where they can see what my calendar availability is.

I've also gotten rid of DocuSign and other payment processors. With everything inside of HoneyBook, my clients can sign a contract and pay me.

All. At. Once.

Another win for the HoneyBook toolbox is that they have contact forms that you can integrate into your website.

This means I have a HoneyBook form coded into my Squarespace website. When I receive the form, I have a birds-eye view of where that client or prospect is and how I can best help them.

Amazing, right? 😍

3. Workflows and Automations

This one is BY FAR the biggest time saver, and the biggest reason why I decided to invest in HoneyBook.

If you don’t know what a workflow is, here is a simple example.

1. A contact form is completed
2. Automatically sent to HoneyBook
3. Depending on what the form is, the customer is sent different items via email. This could be a download they requested, a price breakdown, or a referral to someone who may be of better service to them.

Many workflows can be created inside of HoneyBook, from new clients to brand collaborations or speaking opportunities.

The best thing is that once they are created, I don’t need to do a damn thing.

This feels so good because it saves SO much time.

THIS is the best and most time-saving feature that HoneyBook offers, so expect some future tutorials about how I set all of this up inside of HoneyBook.


Game Changer. 💪

So, there you have it - the main three reasons why I absolutely LOVE Honeybook, and why I've chosen it over all the others.

As a thank you for checking out my blog,  I want to give you 50% off of your HoneyBook subscription!  You can try it out on a free trial first, and if you love it, use my link for 50% off when you sign up.

If you use HoneyBook, leave a comment below and tell me your fave part! (Psst.. my favorite is everything. ;)



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