3 Types of Video Content for Your Business

Oct 13, 2021

Video content is all the rage now on social media right now. 🔥

It seems like every day there’s someone shouting “Reels are the new thing!” and “You HAVE to be doing IG Lives!!”

And they’re right. With the right strategy, video content will help you explode your social channels.

Not only is video content going to help you grow your following, but it will also help you meet your business goals. Because followers are nice, but paying clients are better. 😉

It’s hands down the BEST way to connect with your ideal audience, and keep them around so that they can potentially clients or customers of yours.

It may feel a teensy (okay, probably more than that!) bit uncomfortable at first to get your face out there.

Video may even seem a bit confusing or daunting.

Never fear! I have been doing video content for quite a while now, and in all of my years of experience, I’ve learned the three most important types of video content you want to include in your content strategy today. 

By knowing *exactly* what type of video content you need to focus on, you’ll demystify the video content planning process, and confidently how to create videos that are drive REAL results in your business.

Let’s get into them. 👇

1. Educational or Informational Content 

This type of content is often the easiest one for business owners to pick up first.

While it’s usually the easiest type of content to create, often business owners have a lot of initial resistance and hesitation around educational content. This is because sometimes educational content can feel like you are giving away your secrets. You might start to worry that you’re giving away too much information for free.

My advice is to keep your educational content high-level. Give value wherever you can, and provide something of substance that your audience can actually learn and go implement! 

You don’t need to give EVERYTHING away, however. Balance your valuable content with an opportunity to dive deeper with you within your paid services or programs. 

Let’s say you’re a social media manager and you’re talking about the best types of posts for engagement. 

When potential clients consume this content, they’re not getting any content made for them.  They’re also not getting a specific strategy tailored to their unique business.

Once they dive into that content creation, they may realize that it absolutely is NOT for them, and they need to hire it out.

You will be the first one that comes to mind because you are the one that taught them the strategies in the first place! 💪🏼

I know it may be hard to feel like you are teaching and giving for free, but getting your expertise out there and distinguishing yourself as an expert is KEY to growth. 

2. Storytelling

This one is perfect for newbie business owners!

When you’re just starting out, you won’t always have testimonials or case studies to share on social media.

Telling the story of how you’ve got where you are, explaining your why, going through your mission, or detailing your previous corporate experience all make for great video content.

Sharing personal stories creates the “know, like, and trust” factor with your audience and potential clients.

They can get to know you BEFORE they hire you or purchase your products.

If you’re more of a seasoned business owner, your storytelling content can include how you are growing and building your business in the day-to-day, or some juicy behind-the-scenes stuff!

You can even include things that go wrong in business, or just things you may be struggling with in general.

Sharing things like these shows vulnerability, and help people relate to you on a deeper level. ❤️

Storytelling this way creates a way to show others that you are not just a business or a social media profile, but a REAL LIFE human.

People buy from people, plain and simple.

A word of warning: don’t make it weird.

Don’t make it like speed dating, giving your name age, and zodiac sign in a perfect little intro!

You want to show people your authenticity and who you really are as a person.

Then, you can get to the REALLY fun part - entertaining content. 🎉

3. Entertaining Content

Most times, when people think of video content, this is the type that people want to start with.

But they soon find out that it’s also one of the hardest to create. 😩

Thinking of entertaining ideas can be difficult, especially with the trillion trending videos - things like lip-syncing, dancing, complicated TikTok transitions... Whew.

You may struggle with the entertaining content category because you don’t know how to make your videos professional enough to stay “on brand”, or you struggle with self-consciousness & visibility fears. 

But the thing is, entertaining video content outperforms the other two content types...by a long shot.

I know what it’s like to struggle to create this kind of content. I don’t really want to dance on video, and I am a content strategist - so finding entertaining video ideas that also tie into my brand can be tough.

But the bottom line is, adding an entertaining component into your video marketing strategy can prove incredibly beneficial, get many more eyes on your content, and also allow you to have a little fun! 💃

So now you have 3 different types of content that you can start planning (or even making!) today.

Video is the next step for social media, so you want to make sure you get on that train as soon as possible if you aren’t already!

Let me know in the comments - which one are you most excited to create in your business?

PS. Here’s a quick hack!

If you're still struggling with this concept of marketing your business through video or showing up on camera, an easy way to start to introduce video marketing into your strategy is something called Social Motion Packs.

These are beautifully curated stock videos to use in your stories! They’re SUCH way of incorporating movement in your posts or Instagram stories to keep your followers engaged.

This way, you can still begin to see growth and results from video content with these packs - even if you’re camera-shy! 🙈

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