The Top 3 Reasons I Love HoneyBook As an Online Business Owner

business tip Aug 25, 2021

If you’re an online service provider, have you audited your workflows lately? How are they looking?

Do you have a sea of things floating haphazardly through your Google Drive - contracts here, client onboarding checklists there?

As an entrepreneur, there are SO many programs, software, and productivity tools available to us.

We think that by using alllll the tools available to us, they’ll help us run our businesses smoother and smarter.

But do they actually?

Are you using 3 different apps, connected by ANOTHER app, to onboard your clients and start working with them?

If so, take a breath.

Trust me...there is an easier way!

What is a CRM?

The answer to your tech woes is a CRM.

CRM stands for Customer  Relationship Management.

Simply put, a CRM is a way for you to organize and manage where your clients are at in your sales pipeline, booking process, or lead system.

In most CRM platforms, you have a simple and upfront dashboard-type space that shows all of the places a...

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3 Simple Strategies to Diversify Your Income As a Service Provider

business tip Aug 18, 2021

Serviced-based businesses are one of the MOST popular ways to start an online business.

When you are operating as a service-based business, you are usually trading your time for money. You are providing some sort of craft or talent in exchange for moolah

Service-based businesses can be anything from hairdressers, photographers, social media managers, or content strategists (like I am now!)

The big pro of starting a service-based business is they’re one of the easiest types of businesses to start!

But they DO have a dark side.

The downfall in being a service provider is that you hit a point where you simply do not have any more time to trade.

Those 12 hour days add up quick, let me tell you!

It can feel like you’re a bit limited when it comes to being a service provider.

But are you really...?

Today, I want to walk you through the ways you can diversify your income as a service provider.

I do want to preface the 3 ways I am going to show you, with this disclaimer: 


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