3 Simple Strategies to Diversify Your Income As a Service Provider

business tip Aug 18, 2021

Serviced-based businesses are one of the MOST popular ways to start an online business.

When you are operating as a service-based business, you are usually trading your time for money. You are providing some sort of craft or talent in exchange for moolah

Service-based businesses can be anything from hairdressers, photographers, social media managers, or content strategists (like I am now!)

The big pro of starting a service-based business is they’re one of the easiest types of businesses to start!

But they DO have a dark side.

The downfall in being a service provider is that you hit a point where you simply do not have any more time to trade.

Those 12 hour days add up quick, let me tell you!

It can feel like you’re a bit limited when it comes to being a service provider.

But are you really...?

Today, I want to walk you through the ways you can diversify your income as a service provider.

I do want to preface the 3 ways I am going to show you, with this disclaimer: 


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The 3 Must-Have Softwares that Every Social Media Manager Needs

social media tip Aug 11, 2021

Social media managers, this one is for you.

As one of you , I know we are constantly on our phones or our computers trying to pump out the BEST content for our clients.

There are so many different options when it comes to apps, softwares, and programs to use to be super-efficient in our jobs.

Sometimes, too many.

We think that we need 800 different programs to make each account run smoothly.

After being in the social media management space for a hot minute, I’ve narrowed it down to TOP the three softwares that you absolutely NEED as a social media manager. Let’s get into it

1. A CRM tool

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

This is just a fancy way of saying “a tool to keep track of customers”.

Within a CRM, you can keep track of all of your clients and everything that goes on with them.

Some examples of popular CRM tools are:

Each of them provides great options, depending on how robust your needs are.


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My Number One Caption-Writing Formula For ENGAGING Instagram Posts

social media tip Aug 05, 2021

I have a super juicy, top-secret Instagram tip for you..                                     

Are you ready?!

Today, I am going to give you the secret sauce - my number one caption writing formula for Instagram.

This isn’t your grandma’s boring, old school caption writing either. This is how I write captions that make my audience know, like, and trust me - all within 2200 characters.

This caption writing formula will get them to engage more, buy more and get TONS more value!

Let’s dive into the 5 parts of your perfect Instagram caption.

You may notice that this formula is a common copywriting structure. I wanted to distill it down for you for Instagram because it WORKS.

With this formula, you can create clear and concise captions that your audience will LOVE to read.

The Hook                


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The Top 5 Biggest Instagram Myths (BUSTED!)

social media tip Jul 14, 2021

Can I be real for a sec?

The “rules” about Instagram are all over the place.

It can be SO confusing.

You’re constantly thinking to yourself - “ Am I doing this right?!”

I get DMs ALL the time about the same things.

There is confusion all over the place.

SO, as your social media content strategist and Instagram educator, I am here to set the record straight.

Here are the 5 most common Instagram Myths (busted!)

Myth #1: Shadow Banning

This is the one that I hear about the most, hands down.

There is so much information swirling about regarding shadow banning, and, friends - nearly ALL of it is untrue.

I constantly hear that you will get shadowbanned if:

You use too many hashtags
You use the same hashtags over and over again
If you don’t comment in a certain amount of time
If you post about a certain subject
Plus TONS more

It’s simply just not true.

They don’t randomly shadow ban just anybody.

Yes - they may actually take some of your content...

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My Secret Sauce Hashtag Strategy for Small Business Owners

social media tip Jul 05, 2021

Want the secret sauce for hashtag strategies?

It’s your lucky day!

I have a formula that will help you maximize the reach and potential of your Instagram posts through hashtags.

This is the way I create different hashtag groupings, for not only my business but for my clients, too.

This formula builds off of content pillars for your social media. Grab the tutorial for getting your content pillar on-lock here.

Okay, do you have your content pillars ready?

Yes? Good

Let’s get into it!

1. Have your 5 Content Pillars Ready

Make sure you have a content pillar assigned for each day of the week, Monday through Friday.

We want to end up with 30 different hashtags sets for each day of the week. This allows us to consistently using different hashtags for each and every post. Because variety is the spice of life ESPECIALLY when it comes to hashtag strategy!

The foundation for creating those 30 starts with your pillars, so I want to stress again that you need to have these...

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5 Steps To Batch Your Content Like a PRO

content tip Jun 28, 2021

Pssst! Important Note   Before we get to the nitty gritty of how to batch your content, go take a peek at last week's blog about content pillars.

These will be SUPER important for what I’m about to show you today: my 5-step process to batch your content like a total pro!

Okay, let’s go.

Do you feel super overwhelmed by alllll of the content you have to make?

Blog content, social media content, email content, content, content, content - whew!

It can feel like you’re on a never-ending content creation hamster wheel. 

Oftentimes you’re left asking yourself “How am I ACTUALLY going to get all this content done?!”

I’ll show you

You can sit down with a couple different outfits (who am I kidding? Just change your shirt!), your phone or computer, and get it right off your plate in one fell swoop.

For real!

Let’s get into my 5-step content batching formula that saves me SO much time each and every single month. 

Map Out Your...

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Content Pillars 101: The Social Media Strategy to Help You Save Time and Grow Your Business

content tip Jun 21, 2021

Hearing the words “Content Pillars” might have you rolling your eyes. 

It seems like it’s such a buzzword in the social media industry right now.


Everyone’s raving about how content pillars SAVED their social media strategy.

And you’re sitting there thinking, “Okay but what the hell are these ‘Content Pillars’, and why TF are they such a big deal? ‍”

I am 100% against gatekeeping successful social media strategies.

It’s just NOT my thing.

I’m terrible at keeping social media secrets - so today, I’m dishing out all the deets about exactly what these elusive “Content Pillars” are and how to make them work for your business.

“Content Pillars”

“Content buckets”

“Content categories”

WHATEVER you wanna call ‘em, they’re the SHIT.

What TF Are “Content Pillars”?

Okay, so let’s get in to content pillars 101:

Content pillars...

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The 3 Best Scheduling Apps for Social Media Pros

social media tip Jun 14, 2021


If you’re anything like most SMMs in my community, you probably spend a TON of time creating high-quality content to push out for your clients.

Not to mention all the bomb content you make for your own business.

And once you finish the video, caption, or epic graphic, you sit back in your chair and think, “Finally, my work here is done”

BUT - you’re instantly hit with a wave of dread because now you actually have to push out each and every one of these posts.

Why does it always feel like this massive chore?

Why does it feel like more work to post the content than it is to create the content itself?

And what is the solution to this soul-sucking task?

I got you!

I’ve got all the tips and tricks when it comes to pushing out your social media posts in the most low-maintenance way possible.

I’m gonna share my top 3 favorite scheduling tools that I use in my own business as well as to help my clients' accounts grow and thrive.




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3 Types of Instagram Posts to Skyrocket Your Engagement

content tip Jun 07, 2021

Looking to BOOST your engagement on the ‘gram?

You’ve come to the right spot

I know how TOTALLY frustrating it can be to put hours and hours on work into your Instagram content, only to get crickets in return

Is there anything worse?!

If your Instagram account is suffering from a case of low engagement, do not fear. I’ve got the exact cure to get your engagement rate going through the roof in no time. 

Success on IG all comes down to creating content that your followers genuinely want to engage with. Whether your post starts a conversation in the comments, gives value so they want to save for next time, or makes them LOL so they want to share with all their friends - THIS is the kind of content NEED to be posting.

Over the years, I’ve analyzed the post types that consistently get me the best engagement on Instagram and that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today.

Let’s get into the 3 best posts to take your engagement rate from...

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How I Grew From 0 to 100K Followers on TikTok

content tip Jun 01, 2021

Looking to grow your online presence on TikTok? I’ve got the goods.

This *might* sound like I’m tooting my own horn a little bit - but what the hell, I’m proud of this:

I went from 0 to 100K followers on TikTok in less than a year.


In late 2019, I got on TikTok solely for personal use.

I just wanted to see what all the hype was about and have a little fun.

I’d heard about all the hype back when TikTok was called Musically but at the time I was like,

“I’m just a gal in her mid 20’s. Musically is DEFS not made for me.‍‍‍”

But soon, the app really started to pick up steam.

ESPECIALLY when people started to get tired of other social media apps like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

(I will always be a die-hard Instagram fan, but that’s beside the point .)

So HOW did I go from posting random videos of my dogs to having a following of 100K people? 

Let’s break it down.


I Noticed Holes in the Market...

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